Professor Gerry Quinn

Pub Meal with a Side-Serve of Science, 6.30pm Wednesday 27/10 with Professor Andrew Boulton
Tying it All Together – Waterway Ecosystems in Human Modified Landscapes, 9.45am Thursday 28/10 with Professor Andrew Boulton

Prof Gerry Quinn is Chair in Marine Biology at Deakin University. Gerry has extensive research experience in coastal marine ecology, especially the effects of human activities on rocky shores and estuaries. He was also a program leader within the CRC for Freshwater Ecology (from 2000-2004) and has experience in freshwater ecosystems and the effects of flow change on rivers and wetlands. He has co-authored two books on experimental design and data analysis and monitoring human impacts in aquatic environments. He chairs Parks Victoria’s Science and Management Effectiveness Advisory Committee and is a member of their Conservation and Science Committee. He has recently been appointed to the Board of the Glenelg Hopkins CMA.