Professor Andrew Boulton

Pub Meal with a Side-Serve of Science – Tying it All Together – Waterway Ecosystems in Human Modified Landscapes

Andrew has researched river and groundwater ecology for over 25 years, with particular interests in invertebrate ecology, river/groundwater health assessment, temporary streams and effects of drought and environmental flow allocations.  He has lectured in several universities in Australia and the US and carried out ecological research on diverse rivers in France, New Zealand, the US and Australia.  He has co-written some 120 peer-reviewed journal papers on stream ecology and three books, including the second edition of “Australian Freshwater Ecology: Processes and Management” published in 2014.  Currently, he serves on the Independent Expert Scientific Committee that provides scientific guidance to the Australian Government on assessments of water-related ecological responses to coal seam gas extraction and coal mining, and is on the editorial board of the international journal ‘Aquatic Conservation’.