Professor Andrew Boulton

Welcome, 12.15pm Monday 25/10 with Lachlan CampbellPub Meal with a Side-Serve of Science, 6.30pm Wednesday 27/10 with Professor Gerry QuinnTying it All Together – Waterway Ecosystems in Human Modified Landscapes, 9.45am Thursday 28/10 with Professor Gerry Quinn Andrew has researched river and groundwater ecology for over 25 years, with particular interests in invertebrate ecology, river/groundwater […]

Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd

Stream Rehabilitation Concepts, 12.45pm Monday 25/10 Ian Rutherfurd has 20 years experience in the water sector. At present he is an Associate Professor in the School of Natural  Resource Management and Geography in the University of Melbourne. He has also worked at a senior level in the Victorian State Govement in the water and river management […]

Jo Slijkerman

Riparian Vegetation Field Demonstration, 3pm Monday 25/10Field Demonstrations, 1.30pm Tuesday 26/10 with Chris Dwyer, Dr Michael Shackleton, Dr James Grove Johanna is a scientist with over fifteen years’ experience in waterway management, monitoring and policy. She has completed field-based assessments of riparian areas around rivers and wetlands, monitoring design and management planning. She has provided […]