Keynote Speaker – Professor Susan Lawrence FAHA FSA

Keynote Address: Rivers of Gold , 7pm Tuesday 26/10 Human influence on Australian rivers is nothing new. Recent research has demonstrated that Victoria’s nineteenth-century mining boom dumped a deluge of sand, silt and gravel into local rivers for over 50 years. ‘Sludge’ permanently altered floodplains and river channels all over Victoria. Theimpact was particularly great […]

Andrew Briggs

Field Projects and Construction Works, 11.45am Thursday 28/10 Andrew is the River Health Project Manager with the North East Catchment Management Authority. He has extensive experience in river health restoration, with a strong focus on native fish and the reintroduction of fish habitat into waterways. Over the last decade he has played a major role […]

Professor Andrew Boulton

Welcome, 12.15pm Monday 25/10 with Lachlan CampbellPub Meal with a Side-Serve of Science, 6.30pm Wednesday 27/10 with Professor Gerry QuinnTying it All Together – Waterway Ecosystems in Human Modified Landscapes, 9.45am Thursday 28/10 with Professor Gerry Quinn Andrew has researched river and groundwater ecology for over 25 years, with particular interests in invertebrate ecology, river/groundwater […]

Chris Dwyer

Field Demonstrations, 1.30pm Tuesday 26/10 with Dr Michael Shackleton, Jo Slijkerman & Dr James Grove Chris is a Waterway Management Practice and Director/Engineer of Confluence Pty Ltd .  He has been working in the industry for the past two decades and has extensive experience across New South Wales and Victoria, as well as numerous other projects […]

Dr James Grove

Field Demonstrations, 1.30pm Tuesday 26/10 with Chris Dwyer, Dr Michael Shackleton, & Jo Slijkerman James is a geomorphologist who uses GIS and field research to undertake research on riverbank erosion, arctic fluvial geomorphology, river condition assessment.

Ross Hardie

Waterway Management, 10.45am Thursday 28/10 Ross is a founder and director of Alluvium Consulting, a past president of the River Basin Management Society and an inaugural fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust. Ross has worked in both local and state government, but has spent most of his career in private consulting, working on Australian and […]

Jarod Lyon

Fish Habitat, 11.30am Tuesday 26/10 Jarod leads a team of researchers examining restoration ecology, ecological management plans and intervention based research that helps inform management and policy decisions. He has many years experience as a freshwater scientist, including restoration of woody habitat into rivers and streams, understanding the impact of bushfires on aquatic systems, threatened […]

Dr Paul McInerney

Role of macro-invertebrates, 10am Tuesday 26/10 with Associate Professor Ewen Silvester Paul’s research focus areas include freshwater food webs, how energy flow in ecosystems may be changed by both biotic and abiotic disturbance or by anthropogenic intervention and how invasive species alter the structure and function within freshwater ecosystems. Paul is interested in the responses […]

Professor Gerry Quinn

Pub Meal with a Side-Serve of Science, 6.30pm Wednesday 27/10 with Professor Andrew BoultonTying it All Together – Waterway Ecosystems in Human Modified Landscapes, 9.45am Thursday 28/10 with Professor Andrew Boulton Prof Gerry Quinn is Chair in Marine Biology at Deakin University. Gerry has extensive research experience in coastal marine ecology, especially the effects of […]

Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd

Stream Rehabilitation Concepts, 12.45pm Monday 25/10 Ian Rutherfurd has 20 years experience in the water sector. At present he is an Associate Professor in the School of Natural  Resource Management and Geography in the University of Melbourne. He has also worked at a senior level in the Victorian State Govement in the water and river management […]